Craps Strategy #16 The Cocoon

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Craps Strategy #16 The Cocoon is a long roll strategy that can bring home the bacon. This is a low buy in, low risk craps strategy. Progressive Hard Way Bets & Place Bets.

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Craps Strategy #16 The Cocoon

2 thoughts on “Craps Strategy #16 The Cocoon

  1. Interesting. This would be perfect for bubble craps. Casinos require a place or pass line bet in order to play hard ways I believe? There are some bubble craps machine where a pass line bet is not required so this strategy would work. 👍

  2. Nice video. Look forward to checking out more! Not sure if you noticed, but right after the 5 minute mark you hit the hard 6 and paid that, but did not pay the place bet you had on that number!🎲🎲

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