Baccarat Wining Strategies 4/17/19

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Showed My Chi One Chi Two System and my True Chop True Trend System : )) Always be ready to switch up and go with the game : )) Cheers :))

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Baccarat Wining Strategies 4/17/19

2 thoughts on “Baccarat Wining Strategies 4/17/19

  1. My, my…this shoe is the same like those 2 shoes in the row i have mentioned…discovery system in trouble lol.Lot's of 3's and one side dominating like hell.
    What I have noticed about Chi 1-2 in this video and the other one earlier, although there was quite a few terrible two's it still survives, becuase there will be lots of chops and/or streaks. Still like that one
    Going back to waiting for 4 with chop-trend worked great this time, but we know there will be 4's lol , not as many as 3's tho. Good work 🙂

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