Step 3 Part 2: Visualizing at the Craps Table – Learn to Shoot The Dice

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This is step 3 part 2 of the Craps Master Dice Shooting Method.

This video is all about learning how to visualize the perfect dice throw at the craps table. I will list the benefits of visualization, what you need to do before practicing your visualization techniques, and exactly how to visualize your dice throw.

Mastering this skill is essential if you want to become the best craps player you possible can be.

I really want everyone, from beginner to advanced, to join me in this dice shooting journey.
– Please leave comments explaining your journey and how it is going.
– Leave comments explaining tools that you use to learn.
– Leave comments explaining which dice sets you use and why it works for you.
– Let me know what information you try to track, not only at home when you are practicing, but also what you track in the casino.

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My name is Joe and this is My Craps Master Journey. Let’s make it yours too!!!

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Step 3 Part 2: Visualizing at the Craps Table – Learn to Shoot The Dice

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  1. During the down time after I throw while bets are paid and made, I do air throws to keep constant. I can usually get in 10 throws. Sure does help. thoughts?

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