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How much do you think about your opponents at the table?

I’ll make you a bet it’s not enough!

Sounds strange to say but most players don’t focus on their opponents enough during the hand or in general.

This is natural because in poker its so easy to get into your own head…

You think about your stack, your cards, your situation.

However, they are not your number 1 source of profit…

That is your opponents!

Think about it this way… over time everyone gets the same cards. Great hands, crappy hands, lucky hands, unlucky hands.

So you can’t make a difference and profit by getting better hands there is only 1 way… outplay your opponents!

In this video you’ll learn some killer questions to ask about your opponents to profile them super fast.

You’ll also get some easy to use techniques that can completely change how to think during a hand so you can get under your opponents skin and start to OWN THEM during hands.

This is game changing stuff… if you can start understanding how your opponents are thinking and what they’re thinking you can outplay them consistently … get out of the way when they’re strong and take them for the maximum when they’re weaker than you!

You’ll love this one so check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

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OWN Your Poker Opponents – Poker Tells

9 thoughts on “OWN Your Poker Opponents – Poker Tells

  1. Thanks for watching 'OWN Your Poker Opponents – Poker Tells', please leave a comment or question below. Thanks, Nick.

  2. Yes! We have that beautiful Nick himself this time. Last time I saw him, he had more subscribers than me!

  3. Great advice regarding the "calling stations". It seems a lot of the poker I'm involved with is getting hijacked by bingo players

  4. Thanks Nick, I appreciate your support.. Thinking in 2ND and 3Rd person technique works very well!!

  5. This channel outshines many other poker channels out there for one simple reason: it spends more time discussing how to think about a hand, a game, an opponent who is playing a certain way, etc. Other channels analyze hands or give you advice about moves in particular spots. This one steps back a level or two from that and indicates what sorts of thoughts should be going through your mind when playing–and that kind of advice is invaluable for someone who can take advantage of it.

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