4 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategies ” LIVE PLAY ” with M.M. By Gambling Chi 10/27/20

  1. Yes, Take your time and practice what you preach. We have seen you battle for hours on the wizard, but pull out the big bets Live pretty quick 👻🎃👻🍀💰

  2. Hi Chi: Not trying to spam as you know i like your stuff! Just wanted to let you know my 10 part course is done and I would like you to try it out! LMK if you are interested and I will send you the deets…

  3. I know you like the Wizards simulator but if you or any of your users wants to try baccaratwinpro.com for a month I have a free code… just let me know and I will get it to you. I am not affiliated with this company but they were nice enough to give me several codes for people to try for a month rather than a week. Their simulator is way better and you can save your sessions.

  4. Hey! Yes it took a little bit longer but you NEVER went higher than a 4 unit bet. I think that's a successful day in itself? Right? Something you can try in practice mode ( doesn't have to be in a video yet ) but an idea for better money management is to reset the bets to 1unit earlier in the steps and accept a CERTAIN amount of units to throw away and start over. What I like to do sometimes is if I lose about 11 units make 4 unit bet ( almost 33.3% of the total amount lost and martingale that 4-6 times to get ONE win. Then do it again or wait and play a little while then do it again later.
    Of course with martingale ALWAYS BE CAREFUL need excellent bet selection when doing that for a win. But getting one of those casually will prevent you from having to make the ONE CHI bet super high. Try it virtually and tell me how you feel. But none the less.. Score ANOTHER ONE for the good guys!!🤠

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