Pattern “0” Roulette Strategy- No BS Winning Roulette Strategy (Video 5)

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This video demonstrates the “Lines” bet of my roulette strategy. It was done at Silver Oak online casino in real money mode. This is my own personal roulette strategy. It was 10 years in the making. It works live and online playing 4 numbers at a time.

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Pattern “0” Roulette Strategy- No BS Winning Roulette Strategy (Video 5)

5 thoughts on “Pattern “0” Roulette Strategy- No BS Winning Roulette Strategy (Video 5)

  1. These videos are designed to give only a preview, not the entire system. You can only win $40/day at any given online casino anyway before they start blocking your account. I mostly stick to playing live now because practically all casinos online are rigged, or severely limit you if you start winning.

  2. I've got a system that wins pretty well and is easy to explain.

    Choose 5 numbers
    Start minimum bet on any 49% (red/black). spin 5 times, if they don't hit put minimum bet on those 5 numbers.

    Betting progression
    5 spins — double
    4 spins — double
    3 spins — double
    repeat 3 spins — double until you win.

    This'll get you about 28 spins trying to land those 5 numbers.

  3. Seems your strategy would work well with my system. My system tells how to choose those 5 numbers. Thanks,

  4. I agree the rngs cheat. They say that it may random while I do agree I also think that it only randomly selects from The losing cards or numbers that you'll have. I've had bad luck never in person but not nearly as much as with the rngs. Also you know it's not random because you will consistent lose More the higher the bet.

  5. All I'm seeing is putting a chip on Black and Red at the same time
    this will cost you 2.7% of all monies bet
    and it isn't even fun

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