How to Fix MyVegas Blackjack

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How to Fix MyVegas Blackjack

When it comes down to getting the most MyVegas rewards, MyVegas Blackjack is my go to game, Sadly this particular MyVegas app seems to have undergone a change for the worst. In other words, MyVegas Blackjack is broken (In a bad way.) So in this particular how to play myvegas video, we’ll try to come up with the best myvegas blackjack strategy that let’s you earn loyalty points continuously WITHOUT the fear of the giant padlock locking up your easy myvegas loyalty points.

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How to Fix MyVegas Blackjack

3 thoughts on “How to Fix MyVegas Blackjack

  1. u get locked out when u exceed the amount of gold coins u can win in one day they will freeze u out for 24 hrs

  2. Hi there ace I've only come across this once and that was on the konami slots. If you click on the padlock it should tell you when you can earn more.. would I be right in saying you have won alot of coins before this happened? Think the lock will stay for 24hr

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