6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategies with $25.00 chips MY DREAM 6/15/19

  1. I win chi 1 2 on wizard of odds all the time i go live and get smoked 2 3 patterns close together will get you

  2. You will be at you 25 dollar bets before you know it chi! You have very good money management.

  3. It would not be necessary to wait til your bankroll got to $15K before raising up your bets. You could do it once your bankroll grew to $6K. Just change 1 unit from $5 to $10 and make $10 your base bet. So when you went up or down 3 units it would mean up or down $30. Everything would be proportional to what you are doing now.

    BTW: I would not actually recommend doubling your unit size like I described as soon as you doubled your Bankroll to $6K. I think it is wiser & safer to wait until you TRIPPLE your starting Bankroll before you DOUBLE your bet sizes. IE: Once your Bankroll gets to $9K then go ahead and double your unit size. You never know when an extended run of bad luck will happen and it would suck for it to happen right after doubling your bet sizes.

    The bigger your bankroll gets, the more safety cushion you should want to have. I assume that if you lost your current $3K bankroll it would not be the end of the world for you. However a $15K (or more) loss would be devastating even if most of that was winnings.

  4. Nice little win mate, I wasn't going down 3, only one ,so that's why I think it wasn't working for me and ran me up. I'm sure when you have played this BANKER system you have never busted have you?

  5. Have not been able to watch your vids in a few days but just caught this and UP 3and Down 3 is Flat Betting. I tried your UP 2 Down 3 system and it has Great Merit. Been Testing it and it seems to be a winner. Try it again.

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