8 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy “Live Dealer Play ” By Gambling Chi 2/8/2021

  1. I prefer either the 2 up/1 down or 3 up/2 down betting system. You need fewer wins in a row to come out ahead. Another thing you can try is to stop betting after you lose a hand and wait for a hand that you would have won if you had placed a bet and then start betting again. Every time you lose a hand stop betting until you get a virtual (imaginary) win and then start betting.

  2. Hey Chi, Clay here, Youtube Scammers is doing an expose on betonline.ag saying that people can go on there as an affiliate and play with fake money. YT Scammers also says there are people showing their play as live when it's not. I know that I don't do it and of course neither do you. Do you know what he's talking about?? His Episode doesn't go live for a few days and I am curious as to how which YT channels do this… should be interesting and I will let you know who Kevin who runs that channel is talking about.

  3. This was a wonderful video that shows something completely different to your audience. Your session was well played. I noticed that when you go down 3 that your Bet changed to an even number nomination. Ex : $1 $3 $5 $7w then $4. Or the $5w that went to $2. That's is kind of interesting. Also I think its ( ok ) if you are slightly down after crawling back to base bet. Not the DESIRED result but its not the worst of all things. That might be why some players don't prefer that betting progression?

  4. I have a relative who is color blind. And some people cannot see the board certain ways. That might be why some of your viewers are talking about your light and dark grids on your board and screen. The color has to be one or the other. Unfortunately some of them might not be able to follow you unless they take game notation while watching you play.
    Me Im like you I see the black better but I CAN see the white its just HARDER TO SEE. Its a sad situation for all involved but you gotta decide which one you are gonna do ultimately. 😢.
    But the color blind situation might be why? That's up to you.

  5. Hey Chi, Hope everything is going well for you. As you noted toward the end of the vid the MM (Money Management) is already built into this U2D3 so IMO it isn't necessary to jump all the way from 5u down to base of 1u. Just my opinion though. I do understand why you like the added safety of getting all the way to base ASAP. Sure is SWEET when you are using this U2D3 and it goes L, W, L, W, L, W.

  6. When do you play on line???you are such a calm and positive guy. Truly I enjoy watching all your games. Please let me know when you are on line

  7. You may want to relabel your date on your subject line from 2/8/2012 to 2/8/2021…Congrats on the winning session!

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