How to Use MODERN POKER THEORY – $25,000 Buy-in Super High Roller!

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This video is all about Modern Poker Theory in action from the recent GGPoker WSOP $25k Super High Roller Event. I really felt like I played my “A” game in this tournament and there’s much to be learned as far as combining GTO and Exploiting. Part 1 focuses on Deep Stack Play, enjoy!

0:01 Intro
0:27 Tournament Details and Format
3:06 Starting Table
4:25 Defending the Big Blind
7:25 Staying in Balance
9:07 AQ to a Raise
11:07 Small Pair from early position
12:21 Big Blind Play
12:51 Button Opening Range
13:29 Suited Connectors from the Cutoff
14:23 Under the Gun Range
16:00 Big Blind Play
16:50 Suited Ace from Mid Position
17:44 Suited Connectors Under the Gun
18:20 Blind vs Blind
19:50 Playing an Overpair
23:29 Overvaluing Blockers
24:24 Raising a limp from the Big Blind
25:17 Calling a 3 Bet

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How to Use MODERN POKER THEORY – $25,000 Buy-in Super High Roller!

10 thoughts on “How to Use MODERN POKER THEORY – $25,000 Buy-in Super High Roller!

  1. Thank you for this video bro.. you're really good a teaching the game. I understand everything your teaching.

  2. so funny that he wouldve made nuts first hand i think of dnegs everytime i rabbit hunt and that happens

  3. Where can i learn the theory of 22:54 , with j4s where flop of q 8 2 (even if not a flush draw) is a good flop against the range BB would have? Or if someone could explain

  4. I embrace being a conservative player…
    I use that to my advantage…
    " Pot Control ".. Won't lose as much if I'm running bad…
    And aggressive players ALWAYS over play their hand..
    I can make a bunch of mistakes, and not have my chips seriously Compromised…
    An aggressive player can do everything Right, and make one mistake…
    And lose their entire chip stack…
    It's comical as bad….

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