4 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy “LIVE PLAY ” Real $$$ By Gambling Chi 5/16/2021

  1. I believe with strictly adhering to the MM progression, so if I lose 2 consecutive hands
    (beginning with the base wager of $10) and subsequently win 2 consecutive hands, I am ahead one full unit: -10, -15, +20, +15 = +10, as opposed to dropping down to the $10 base wager after winning the $20 wager (like you did in the video). Please keep in mind that many times you may lose several hands in a row, followed by a sequence of win/loss, win/loss, win/loss, etc., which results in gaining 1/2 unit every time this occurs; it may not seem like much, but those extra 1/2 units make a huge difference to your bankroll over the long haul.

  2. Wonderful work today. This new MM idea is really coming together for you. Im glad you found something to complement your other ideas and systems. 😎 Keep plowing on my man.

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