6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy ” LIVE PLAY ” By Gambling Chi 12/18/20

  1. Welcome back (again).
    Always funny when I played the same shoe and know what’s coming 😏 Unlike your Marty Cray Cray Bets, I was lucky enough to be betting the chops all the way through. Speaking of chops, is there a separate chop part of Chi 1-2 if it does go on a chop run like that? I’m drawing a blank on the answer 🤪

  2. Hey Chi, Happy holidays. Way to start that real money play off with a bang !! Nice job grinding your way out of a couple holes in practice play.

    I have a suggestion for you to try in PRACTICE PLAY. NOT for real money. Why don't you show us straight D'alembert on Chi 1, 2 to demonstrate how it will go off the rails without some MM.

  3. At some point, Mr. Martingale will lead you to the proverbial "poor house"; better off to completely eliminate it from your gambling activity.

  4. Martingale is fun ( sometimes ) just keep it in small moderation and once when its a blue moon 🌙 outside then do A sequence then put it down! As always AWESOME SESSIONS today and GREAT classroom teaching on the wizard.😎

  5. im learning patience at the moment!
    really like the way you approach this, more so as a side hustle!
    i been losing because im straight up gambling.. but that changes soon, im going to take the 3 chip session win strategy that you do and see how it works.

    any tips? thanks chi!

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