Best Baccarat Strategy THE DANCE

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Day 6 of the Challenge to Financial Freedom continues … betting takes a twist.

Disclaimer: Gambling is for entertainment purposes only and I cannot be held responsible for someone’s losses.

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Best Baccarat Strategy THE DANCE

3 thoughts on “Best Baccarat Strategy THE DANCE

  1. Did Coinbase take several days to verify your bank account? Is that normal?

  2. I have actually played like that but waiting on 4 “yes” or 4 “no’s” in a row before starting my progression and I usually went thru all my levels in one shot. It works great but still a bit risky. Now, you did open my eyes in the way you play it. Just go 3 progressions and then stop if you don’t get a win and just wait again until it pairs up either way and then continue on your progression. More than 5 or 6 times in a row back to back either way is a bit more rare. I’ll have to try it out in practice.

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