Right Craps Strategy for the Right Craps Table – Variance?

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When building out your craps strategy, you first have consider what kind of table you’re walking into. You can wait for the right conditions or you can play to the conditions in front of you.

Are you playing light or dark? Are you bringing a machine gun or a cannon?


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Right Craps Strategy for the Right Craps Table – Variance?

6 thoughts on “Right Craps Strategy for the Right Craps Table – Variance?

  1. It really bad that the only time I can catch $15 tables at my home casino is during your show! 😩 Great show today. I'll probably be here for tomorrow's "class" 😎

    On the Bankroll build topic: PLAY SHORT GAME!! 1 OR 2 hits and OFF! You are far more likely to hit your goal, and you reduce your exposure to a minimal. Also, don't go for the hit(s) immediately. After a long roll, let the next shooter get past the PSO (at least, but maybe past the 2 Shaker Baker too) before turning your bets on. If the last roll was short, go for 2 hits after the Come Out and turn off. I did this today and it worked beautifully! You can even do it on yourself! Try it tomorrow for 3-4 shooters and see what happens.

  2. 13:28 You just demonstrated across betting is not a good recovery strategy. It most likely will put you in the hole faster. Although you were getting killed earlier, it was a slow bleed and you still had a good chance of recovering if you continued. Across betting would have busted you very early. When will people realize this?

  3. "Pro" craps players are degenerates. The problem with falling in love with the idea of '24 ways to win and only 6 ways to lose' is you again forget about picking up nickels in front of a steam roller. You have 24 ways to pick up nickels, and 6 ways to lose dollars. This is what is keeping you in the hole and forcing you to play from behind all night.

  4. Why not just stay with a $5 (5%) risk on the DP or P to grind your way to $30? As a % of your BR seems the risk today was too high.

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