10 thoughts on “Christopher Mitchell $500 Strategy & FB Group exposed baccarat scammer

  1. He has got to go! Scamming people & using the bible & saying GOD is helping him to guide him to make money.

  2. Great job again Kevin as it can not be made more clear… If you want to lead the NFL in rushing as a game winning slugger like boss number one guy and work your way up some mountains, then 99% believe that you should not follow angry chicken with his vision board and divine table selection. Really 99% can't understand in a world where some people will look up reviews on a restaurant, people are drawn to angry chicken slugger for pro tips. They just want to be a big home run hitter I guess.. Also, when you join, you too can be a big boss guy, game winning auto dealer that is not a car guy at all. Don't deal or play at a table with this guy. There are billions of people in our world living in hell, and angry chicken believes that The Big One is taking time out to personally walk him to the right baccarat shoe. GTFO lol One day soon lightning will strike. 😹

  3. So wait let me get this straight this guy supposedly says he has winning strategies for baccarat? Now I’m not an expert and truthfully have never played baccarat outside of free apps on my phone but it appears to me that baccarat is at best almost a coin flip. He has said in his videos you need no skill to play baccarat so here’s the thing if you don’t need any skill to play and the game is basically a coin flip how can you possibly have any winning strategy. You pick player or dealer and that’s it. The game doesn’t care if you flip from one to the other or stick to one or the other. When you really think about it anyone who falls for this doesn’t know basic math and statistics I hope one day he runs into someone on one of his “coaching” sessions and at the end they don’t pay him any percentage of their winnings what’s he gonna do about it? Tell the cops? Tell the casino who already know his game? Doubtful.

  4. CM will only show videos more to his advantage, showed him in good light. Many times he had contradicted, for example he said he will stopped teaching and coaching , later he charged $500 for lifetime coaching. He does not do what he preached. Ultimately he wants to make money. That is perogative. All strategies can win and can lose. You can have your own or any strategies and you can win and lose. It is only a matter that you are betting at the right table and at the right time.

  5. you got that freak scammer who claims he wins at the casino every time. he is a poor coke head, that his claim to fame……

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