10 thoughts on “Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Scammer $2000 new strategy EXPOSED!

  1. The fundamental building blocks to living a lavish lifestyle are to be fit and rich. Also, if you deposit $100 into a bank account it is not the same as depositing $1,000 so 99% of us are not sure why the standing ovations and roses being tossed onto the tables by the baseball fanatics in the new math discussion. Everyday it is a new adventure with slugger SMH.

  2. CM is a former woman in a man’s body. What man drinks lemon drops as his favorite drink and has eyebrows, by his choice, like that. Chrissy Mitchell = Christopher Mitchell.

  3. CM said On a recent lifestream that there are casinos in Las Vegas that are cheating and also the card manufacturers that provide the baccarat cards are cheating. What that means is that his two strategies did not work there so they must be cheating.

  4. And it’s funny how most of his rules for being a successful gambler don’t apply to himself, such as your minimum bet should be 1/50th of your bankroll, quit after you’ve won 10% of your bankroll, etc.

  5. Have you ever heard of Bluejay's $30,000 Betting System Challenge ( @t )? This guy is putting his money where is mouth is. He says there is no system that can stand up to careful, controlled scrutiny when it comes to betting systems. Basically, he'll put up $30,000 against the system seller's $3000 that the seller's system will not be profitable under controlled conditions. Yes, he is offering 10:1 odds on this Challenge. We should pepper all of Mr. Mitchell's videos with the information about this challenge. Truly, if CM has a legitimate money-making (WINNING!!) baccarat system, then he should be willing to put up, or shut up. After all, it's only 3 grand. And he'll win 30 grand if it proves successful. If CM wants all the scam exposers to stop exposing him, surely this is the ideal way to do it.

  6. I left Comment on CM last vide that he made today for the special 500$ offer
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