Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy EXPOSED

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Scammer alert he’s tricking you people into thinking he has a winning strategy when all it is is just a MARTINGALE SYSTEM!!!!!! Don’t buy his system
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Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy EXPOSED

10 thoughts on “Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Winning Strategy EXPOSED

  1. CM is saying now that he has a brand new strategy and is charging $5000 for a coaching session due to popular demand.

  2. Hey man can you please email me all the pages of strategies some were blurry and very hard to read.

  3. Bottom line, if this system was a guaranteed way to winning everyday – He wouldn't be peddling it for whatever he can get out of it. Far too much cash to be made actually playing and I wouldn't want to attract any attention. And if you read his rules, he breaks quite a few of them – often

  4. Dead end 9 to 5 job.
    Wife and child in tow 2 steps behind following like lost puppy dogs. Wads of 100s. Where did you ever see that before ?
    That’s convincing. I encourage you to post, but I have my wife instantly delete all negative comments. Join my group, make millions.
    Martingales will work for a short run, and you’ll be chasing your losses the rest of the time. Long term, you will lose your home, your wife, and whatever else you have thinking you’ll be rich. Con Man.

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