Craps Dice Throwing Techniques- part 2 the Toss

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Craps dice throwing techniques and grip to better understand dice control and influence
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Craps Dice Throwing Techniques- part 2 the Toss

6 thoughts on “Craps Dice Throwing Techniques- part 2 the Toss

  1. I like his landing zone, 2 in the field, has a very good bounce a finish roll to the wall as long as it don't have too much power behind it.

  2. I have a strategy for you. Has to do something with the field and come bet at the same time. If big red comes it pushes but u get a free bet on the come. Or Dc and field .but big red wipes both out. But should make up if u have DC points on . Trying to find a video on it, can’t find anything lol.

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