Free Baccarat Strategy & System [UPDATED]

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Always play with money you can afford to lose.
There is no holy-grail system in gambling.
All systems require certain condition and usually only last for a short period.
The Casino is bigger than our house, they hire best professionals to work and make money for them.
Making 10-30% profit per visit is good enough, don’t think to far to double or triple your money.
When you make more than that, consider that as a bonus, 10-30% always in my mindset when i visit casino.
Play when you in “Positive State” condition only, both physical & mental.
Always set a limit for “Take Profit & Stop Lost” before you start.

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Free Baccarat Strategy & System [UPDATED]

3 thoughts on “Free Baccarat Strategy & System [UPDATED]

  1. Hey Musherva, how are u? I'm a new subscriber and thank you for share a great content. I've been playing baccarat everyday since the beggning of pandemic. So, my biggest problem is define a method to play "safe". I see some players playing and winning three or four times in a row and I think, wow, for me it is too hard win three times in a row so I donยดt like systems that need it. I know that the martingale is too dangerous, but I play only one session for day to win 4 units. To be honest I donยดt feel comfortable playing that way, but when I try to change to systems that we need to win 2,3 or 4 times in a row it doesn't work for me. I really want change my money management because I know that the martingale can be disastrous. Could u help me? Nowadays I have a BR 2.5k and my goal is 4% per day, $100. I play to win 4 units, 25,25,25,25 using martingale, bet system last 3 underdogs. I would like to know what do u think about my goal, BR, system e etc. What should I improve? So, I donยดt speak and write english very well, sorry for that. Thank you again!

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