How to Become A Professional Baccarat Player Part II

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The 2nd video in the series on the Steps to becoming a real Professional. In the link below get the more advanced insight into some of the Follow the Shoe Strategies for FREE.–Professional-Player-Baccarat-Player

This is the FREE version of the Basics Approaches you need to know to become a Professional Baccarat Player. It includes the 4 Basic Approaches and also consists of an introduction to the Follow The Shoe Strategy which is Featured at This document is the results of years of study by many Players. I will send you the updated version via Hard Copy Free, but you can download the pdf here as soon as you register. If you are not a FREE member of join up now and talk to some great players. Sign up here.
This sheet covers:

Time Before Last – TBL
Opposite Time Before Last – OTB4L
Pattern Plays
Event Count Strategy and Dipsarity
Identifying Strong Sides
Follow the SHoe – FTS

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How to Become A Professional Baccarat Player Part II

10 thoughts on “How to Become A Professional Baccarat Player Part II

  1. I have seen an older gentleman with 20 years baccarat experience get beat by a 21 year old first timer college student in Las Vegas. Baccarat is all luck and being at the right place at the right time, in my opinion.

  2. This only works online baccarat and you're at home with all the tracking apps opened. Impossible at the casino except the basic card they provided to you.

  3. in a totally random environment like baccarat, any theory can work! .. but not always work! .. try this system: bet banker if last card from previous hand is red, and player if black; you know, you can win! .. anyway, this talk is bullsh*t because it assumes orderliness in all shoes; bullsh*t

  4. 2 strategies I use. firstly, wait for 10 banker or player in a row (including ties) then back the opposite with a conservative progression and a stop loss target. online casinos usually have a lot of tables so 10 in a row happens quite often across the various tables, but it can be boring waiting.

    other strategy is similar. again you have to wait for the moment. after there are 8 switches in a row (e.g P B P B P B P B) u will "follow the leader" so in the above example u would back banker. again use conservative progression and have a stop loss so yr not being an guy and chasing yr losses. live to fight on another table.

  5. This system is flawed. Probability does not care what the last 10 results are. If you are not counting cards, your probability will not be affected by which side has been winning. That is confirmation bias.

  6. First of all you got to come there with a serious bank roll, every shoe is different, it solely lies on your betting, and seeing the patterns, and never go against a run, go with the run, bet big when your feeling it and win. I did it. it depends on luck and the shoe if the shoe is good or bad or consistent shoe. otherwise these systems, count cards and keep track on the cards are useless

  7. Baccarat is simple. look to see who has the most chips at the table (usually some old asian person) watch them make some bets and notice yes they are winning. Copy their bets. When everyone is on the same page and there is big money on the table and that one asshole bets the minimum against what everyone else is betting take your money down he just f*cked everyone

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