Baccarat – How to Play & How to Win!

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Gambling author, Steve Bourie, explains how to play and how to win at baccarat. Topics covered include: the rules of the game, the bets that can be made; the casino’s advantage on those bets; which bet is the worst and should never be made; the best strategy for winning at baccarat; a look at a baccarat betting system; and much more.

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Baccarat – How to Play & How to Win!

10 thoughts on “Baccarat – How to Play & How to Win!

  1. The only way to win baccarat is with EZ baccarat, to count it and take the dragon 7 side bet at the right time. That side bet is vulnerable to counting methods like blackjack, except that unfortunately, it's even less lucrative. It's also a bet that pays 30 to 1, and since you'll be standing around not making any bets for long periods of time, a GOOD day as an advantage player playing baccarat would be a day where you make 20 bets and win 1 of them. That's right…. a good day would be where you win 1 bet the whole day…. and since the max bet is probably 25, and even if the odds are occasionally in your favor it's still a 30-to-1 bet for a reason, meaning the most likely outcome of any one bet is you lose your 25 dollars, and occasionally you'll win 750 instead of losing 25. And it's played pretty slowly, like 2 minutes per hand or so typically, and you'll only be doing this side bet very occasionally, and that's why you'll be standing around for long periods of time betting nothing and then occasionally betting 25 dollars and probably losing it. It would be a really big waste of time to do that, when you can play blackjack instead.

  2. In Asia the payment for Baccarat is different from the Western Casino. In Asia they called it, the Banker 6.

    Meaning, if the banker total is 6 and the player total is less than 6, the banker won. But for those who bet on banker, their winning will be paid 50% of their betting sum, example if you placed your bet at $50 on the banker and if the banker got a total of 6 and the player got a total of 5 (the player total that is less then 6), you will only be paid half the amount of your betting sum … that is $25

    The reason of this mode of payment is, it saves a lot of time, the dealer don't have to deduct 5% on every round whenever the banker won. And Asian gamblers do not like loose change.

  3. Every time I visit a casino, I am super shocked by so many guys who think they have some nice strategies lol

  4. So because the odds are so close to 50/50, if you have a table with a decent min vs max limit, the Martingale system could be viable option…?

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