Live Baccarat play in Casino, Day 1

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We developed a new baccarat strategy with a lifelong experience. We are playing at a live casino. Our goal is to build one million dollars over time.

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Live Baccarat play in Casino, Day 1

10 thoughts on “Live Baccarat play in Casino, Day 1

  1. Hồi đó không biết chơi còn bị lừa đi chơi mấy chỗ cỡ nào cũng ăn không được. Hôm nay chơi bên Asia99, biết cách chơi rồi, nhà cái không chơi ăn mình được anh em ạ.

  2. Look up the math on wizard of odds. The math proves there is no real system to play baccarat. Every hand there is a 9.53% of a tie, 45.8% of a banker, and 44.6% chances of a player. Even if hit 10 bankers in a row there is still a 45.8% chance of hitting the 11th time. There is a gambler's fallacy that makes us think if it hits 10 bankers in a row it has a higher chance of hitting player next because so many bankers already came out this is absolutely not the case. So there is literally no strategy on baccarat that is consistent because odds always stay the same. The only thing you can master is bankroll management. If you can manage your money very well and stop after you are up a few hundred and limit your time playing then you can come out on top every day. Keep in mind I have made over 15 million dollars as a professional gambler counting cards with blackjack. I know EVERY single casino games odds to the very decimal point.

  3. I wish you had a better video quality and most important to show the scoreboard. THX,

  4. Hey guys nice to see someone local playing! I've been working on strategies for a long long time and the gest of my findings is that there is no one single strategy that works all the time. You MUST expect to lose your bankroll at some point! The name of the game is to double your bankroll before losing your bankroll. I've got a strategy that seems to do just that!

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