The best baccarat strategy 2020

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With this system i feel like i’m not a gambler anymore, i have played baccarat for 6 years now and i have tried many gambling systems, this is the only one that protects my bankroll beautifully, i am not saying that i win every single sessions, but i have a loss insurance to cover that loss, and guess what? who’s paying for my losses? of course the casino! , my only advice to you is don’t put your feeling into the game, play like a robot or a machine, and play accordingly to what system you believe in, if your system fails to protect your bankroll, change the system !, the system is like operating system in your computer, like your windows, if it has too many bugs and finally wiped-out your data, change or update it ! it’s as simple as that, and we know not everyone will have the money to buy the original copy of windows and some people just buy the copy of it with the fraction of the price from other people who owns it with the same functionality.

this formula is simply amazing , so far i made about $1250 to $3000 a day with this formula, i’m playing with $25 unit base in online baccarat casino with live dealer, why 25$? because that’s the minimum bet in the casino that i play with, and i will raising up my base unit only if my bankroll grows, because my unit base depends on how much my bankroll growth, because when i have profits, i’m not taking all my profits for myself, i divide my profit into 3 parts, one for my bankroll, one for my loss insurance and the last one for me, jay silva sold his formula for $3500 , but if you just wiped-out your bankroll and you don’t have enough money to buy the formula, you can contact me via email : and the price will be negotiable, you will get a sniper tko xb flip trilogy e-book, all of the video modules and training materials.

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The best baccarat strategy 2020