The Five Best Casino Bets with Syndicated Gaming Writer John Grochowski

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Steve Bourie, author of the American Casino Guide, interviewed syndicated gaming writer John Grochowski for this video where John gives his picks for the five best bets in a casino. Games covered include: blackjack, baccarat, craps and video poker.

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The Five Best Casino Bets with Syndicated Gaming Writer John Grochowski

10 thoughts on “The Five Best Casino Bets with Syndicated Gaming Writer John Grochowski

  1. Baccarat is the best game. It's basically even odds…player or banker…ties push. Blackjack has the bust rule…they bust, you bust…they still win. Poker has multiple players that can win reducing your chances. The real problem is casino dealers cheat. I'm not interested in the rest of the shill advice…advisors working for the casinos. I have won 1 billion dollars 43 times in the game "hoyle casino baccarat". All the other games are a waste of time. If you want to find out how I do it…that will cost you…well, maybe. The trick is to make the 1 unit bet a % of the total kitty or bank. The 2nd trick is to use a betting method. The 3rd trick is to play 1 side ONLY…with this specific betting method. Yes, I've tried it for almost 10 years. Don't tell me it doesn't work because I always win in the end. If you lose $5000 one hundred times and make 1 billion 43 times is the system good?…very good.

  2. My great Grandad, Charlie, was a desperate gambler during WW2 in London – he was abusive to my grandad and his brothers when they actually saw him when he wasn't drinking or gambling. He would always promise his lovely, stoic (very Catholic – she thought she could reform him) wife, Bella at he would bring home money for new shoes or something – being a devout Catholic they parted ways, but didn't divorce – Charlie lived his miserable life until dying as a penniless dick to TB. Yes, I gamble a little – but with friends for entertainment with small amounts. Gamble for fun people – don't end up like Charlie.

  3. Not sure these guys know math. I loose 100 out of 100 dollars all the time.

  4. The Best and Fastest Way to Wreck a Local Economy: Build Casinos!

    Casinos are parasites who prey on all classes of the community. The impact of casinos on neighboring property values is clearly negative. Casino gambling is associated with mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and mood disorders.

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