3 thoughts on “Early game poker strategy (50BB+) for SNG and MTT play. Charts included!

  1. Hey, have you ever thought about creating a course for turbo/reg speed sngs? Imo these videos that you upload for free have a lot of value in todays environement, not much content available except for hypers, mtts and cash games. You coached me a few years ago but i thought you stoped playing at some point…I think i will reach out in the coming months, i want to start playing other formats and i want to further improve my game. Gl gl

  2. Hi, thanks for all your videos! just getting started with sngs and your content is really helpful!

    These ranges are waaay looser then mine and all the stuff I read anywhere else. Think about trying them out. Do you think they are also suitable for micros/low stakes? Or is this more for the higher stakes where everyone plays a tight aggressive Nash game and you need to start to counter this?
    I'm not sure if it works there because people call a lot there and I don't know if my Postflop play is good enough to play T7s well..

    With the tight aggressive strategy I'm doing pretty well for my first few months I think. Started with 20$ and just hit my bankroll to play 3$ sngs.

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