Very Simple Baccarat Strategy (Challenge – Day 4)

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Very Simple Baccarat Strategy (Challenge – Day 4)

4 thoughts on “Very Simple Baccarat Strategy (Challenge – Day 4)

  1. Hey! Mike, thank you for being honest and letting us all that you lost. Many people don’t do that. I like this 30days challenge that you are doing but this no mirror method with Fibonacci has bit me many times. I will drop you an email today or tomorrow to give you some of my suggestions. Keep up the great work. Wishing you all success in your betting.

  2. What’s your stop loss in a shoe? And what’s your stop loss in the day?

  3. Its better after the first column is finished. Wait for the next hand either P or B. If mirror then go all no mirror to 5 bet seq or vice versa. Hope it makes sense and goodluck

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