BLUFFING GONE REALLY WRONG! Texas Holdem Poker Vlog | C2B EP 92

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BLUFFING GONE REALLY WRONG! Texas Holdem Poker Vlog | C2B EP 92

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THIS UNREAL HIGH STAKES POKER VLOG is a great example of finding a way to make some money even when you aren’t all there. It is also a great example of how to cut a session short when you are not feeling it! Thank you all for supporting the vlog I LOVE YOU ALL HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!


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BLUFFING GONE REALLY WRONG! Texas Holdem Poker Vlog | C2B EP 92

10 thoughts on “BLUFFING GONE REALLY WRONG! Texas Holdem Poker Vlog | C2B EP 92

  1. By far the worst you have ever played!! Bombing with 3rd, 4th pair and hero calling bluffs. You need to read the game better, check the ego at the door. Love the vlog

  2. I feel like you should have bet that J with the paired 5s on the river. If you plan on calling a raise, make him bluff or call you with A high.

  3. Thanx for putting together some content for us fans, much appreciated. Sending positive vibes your way, as always RUN IT UP!!!

  4. Come play at the rivers in Pittsburgh bro. Call ahead and see if u can vlog

  5. I appreciate the stones bro for sure. I have been watching since the beginning. Don't comment on vlogs but definitely wanted to let you know how much you have helped my game. Mental aspect was tough for me early on. Not so much anymore. Solid thanks

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