10 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy 3% Challenge -$100 Bankroll – Day 1

  1. 100% on track. Great job! Will have to find tables with larger limits when you win 3% of $100,000. You can do it!

  2. πŸ‘ better than me I bust out my 13 step so down to Β£367 😀 Still up Β£167 ytd

  3. What an excellent start to your ( NEW ) journey!! Pretty smoothe. Won 4 Lost 3 and Tie 1 = 3% profit and enough change to buy a soder at the vending machineπŸ˜ƒ. I see how you come down on your bets to get it exactly to $3 and a lil bit above. I read where you said your not counting cents. But that cents might add a dollar to your total after so many days and then you can meet weirder percentage numbers later on that are mathematically impossible because of betting amounts and chips available. But never mind it if you don't see the point. When these bets and amounts begin to climb TOO high I have an idea for you. Remind me in a couple months for that please.

    Finally , last thing to say is…..

    Great going Cheetos.😎

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