Ep 193: SteadyTrade Team Trader Will Beebe Shares His Go-To Chart Patterns + More

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How do you find the right chart patterns — and use them for consistent profits?

The SteadyTrade Team shares their best wisdom on this week’s episode. Hosts Kim Ann Curtin, Stephen Johnson, and Tim Bohen welcome Trader Will Beebe. He’s an active participant in the SteadyTrade Team chat room.

He spent three and a half years honing his trading skills on his own. With a B.A. in Economics and a minor in Accounting, he thought he’d have a leg up on other traders.

But trading is a whole different beast! That’s why he pursued a trading education with the SteadyTrade Team. He knew it was the right path to take him to the next level.

He’s now a consistently profitable full-time trader. And a contributor to the SteadyTrade Team. He loves the process of learning and sharing his best tips with others.

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Ep 193: SteadyTrade Team Trader Will Beebe Shares His Go-To Chart Patterns + More

10 thoughts on “Ep 193: SteadyTrade Team Trader Will Beebe Shares His Go-To Chart Patterns + More

  1. You guys and lady are awesome for new traders, always learn something new every time I see your episodes specially interviews with other traders. I love Steve's question on what pattern made you profitable. And Bohen's energy is great to see all these episodes at 6AM wakes me up and get ready for 9:30. THANK YOU GUYS
    I can Relate to the PAIN, PAIN, PAIN Part couple of accounts many pain.

  2. Keep up the good work Will, I think you were very interesting to listen to.

  3. Thank you for being open and vulnerable Will, I enjoyed listening to you. I agree, there is no C, there is only A and B. Too many people try to "reinvent the wheel" Soon I am sure you will be another one of Tim Bohen's millionaire students!

  4. What a great episode thanks STT team. Beebe! It's so great to hear your experience and I can relate… see you in STT !

  5. Good podcast. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who waits for the pullback on breakouts before placing my "buy" order while risking the runaway breakouts. Beebe's position size strategy of "educational

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