10 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy 3% Challenge -$191 Bankroll – Day 21

  1. I don’t know if $1,000,000 is achievable but if you play on multiple online casinos and books and create enough accounts, you can avoid table limits enough to make 10s of thousands per month in my opinion

  2. You tube lets xposed promote gambling that's a fraud.Should have to say sponsored.I left him some messages and asked if he was sponsored and got blocked.I know he is now and i kind figured it after a few downloads.You confirmed it to.

  3. Just wanted to say that a couple more days you have doubled your initial $100 Bankroll!! 😃
    Your looking awesome so far.
    Just remember I said. One day at a time.
    👍 😎

  4. That means each and EVERY month you will at least double what you have. The key 🔑 is to repeat this month after month. That's the hope to instill within yourself. Just 3units each day.
    Can't speak for others but I believe in you.
    Remember one day at a time. 😎

  5. The Champion 🏆 of Baccarat is back to avenge his previous losses! Good luck 🤞 always! TQ

  6. How much percentage profit so far in 21 days Cheetos or has your strategy lost and you've started again??

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