10 thoughts on “Texas Holdem Poker – Road To 1 Billion in 5 Mins , 200m Table !! zyngapoker

  1. Can anyone lend me money we can find a small table if so comment ur user I’ll add u my name is Austin acree

  2. this game is fcking cancer … if i would be playing for real money then this will never happends online . i still cannot understand the balance over this game . one of the freaks always wins and others just keep getting unlucky . and what i meant with unlucky is that I always lose unbeliveble ways back there . my biggest win have been 120mil virtual chips ,what is just rookie numbers and i cant understand the balance of the game where you cant never grind upper then that . have been playing poker like 5 + years and my option of online poker is : fake ass sht ! you never lose so much when you play face to face . just sometimes it may be as same cancer like online … fck online poker sites , if you read this then my suggestion is never play online poker with irl cash . most of us have this bad luck that seems not to disapper for even a one hour. so take that as my advise to you ! fck online poker !

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