7 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy ” LIVE PLAY ” By Gambling Chi 10/06/2020

  1. Looked like they were changing out the card reader sensor. I had the whole casino shut down last week. Best I could tell that time they were doing thorough cleaning and changing the cards. It was interesting to watch what was going on behind the scene. I didn't actually see them change to different cards, but they were putting the old decks back in order. I was a little puzzled why? Check and balance? 🤔 Since you rarely do get up to a $100 bet playing live with a $5 base, should be alright with $10 base $200 cap. Although, if your up that high, probably time to tap out anyways 😏

  2. Question: During your other sessions that you don't record I'm wondering how many take you deep down the rabbit hole? Any where you hit your stop loss?

  3. $200 is not really enough cap space to run ANY SYSTEM! as least from a security standpoint. But honestly if your bets get that high from only $10 , then something somewhere has already gone wrong with your play. Just think about it a little bit. Im not suggesting anything kinda change here. Only giving you awareness. Very educational practice session today! Many can learn from this! 😎

  4. how come no more new videos coach chi????? by the way those dealer are hot.amen. praise the lord.

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