5 thoughts on “My best Craps Strategy, Good luck

  1. I tried this on wincraps and made $50 in about 10 minutes. of course the big danger is multiple rolls with no 6 7 or 8

  2. Thanks I’m going to be test driving this strategy out for a while I was going with 96 across and doubling that for next week but I’m gonna see how this goes thanks

  3. This one does look like a winner. 3 questions:1)At the $30 level (and above) you start going for 2 wins in a row? 2)Did I get the levels right 3-6-12-30-30-51-51-102 ? 3)Do you stay at the 102 till a win or wipeout?

  4. This is stupid advice and you'll be out your $1K more often than you'd make your $100 lol I've been in casinos 45+ years save yourself the trouble this guy is in Lala land just dreaming..

  5. 16 chances to win with this or better odds to do this with the Field as you get the same 16 chances but you add a double win with 2 or 12 and some locations triple with the 12. But please be aware I have seen many times with over 10 rolls without a field and over 10 rolls without a 6,7, or 8. You said it correct, try to win 5-10% of your bankroll and get out of there. This goes for any strategy. Tough thing is you have to win 10-15 times just to equal one full loss. Good luck and thank you for the videos.

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