10 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy – Majority 6 System $40 Profit – #3

  1. Thanks a lot for watching me grind my way up guys!
    Tonight was my best session ever winning 20 UNITS!
    I will try to win less next time maybe because remember that discipline is the key.

  2. Has anybody ever used this progression "Penthouse"? For the 3 step Marty penthouse, use this line:  11111112222222333333344444445555555 etc…  Every time you lose I move 7 numbers to the right and every time I win, I move 1 number to the left.

    The 4 step Marty penthouse line looks like this,  111111111111111222222222222222333333333333333444444444444444555555555555555 etc… we'd move 15 numbers to the right on a loss and move 1 number to the left on a win.

  3. Hi Cheetos how about a betting progression like this.. 1-2-3-4-6-9-13-20-30-45. When you move to the next higher level after a loss, you must win 2 times in a row before going back to 1 unit bet. if you win the first bet at the higher level, but lose the second bet, you stay at that level. if you lose the first bet at the higher level, you progress to the next higher level.

    This is slimier to your betting style. Credit for this system will go to someone name "JustGeorge". I read it on comment section and took a picture 🙂

  4. let me break it down for you : streaks of one MUST cover 50% of all the Baccarat streaks; streaks of two MUST cover 25%; streaks of three MUST cover 12.5% and so on to the longest possible streak, in the long run. As you can see , the streaks from 1 to 3 in length WILL cover 87.5% of all Baccarat results. Do you start to understand where the 87.5% of all Baccarat money is sitting ? According to the above law of distribution of streaks in Baccarat, if one of any category of streaks is left out short term, it MUST AND WILL occur more in the future results in order to cover its absence in the past results and to restore the equilibrium in the frequency of streaks occurrence. If this law is to be respected , then it discards the supposed ,imaginary law of 50/50 odds for each individual hand.

  5. Hey Cheetos, what do you think of this idea? Bet after the first hand and if you lose, wait until after 5th hand of the column and play majority. Its down to the last hand to decide if column will be even or if you win with majority. Waiting for 3rd hand, you still have a few decisions that can offset the probability of a majority. I think waiting til the 5th gives us a slightly better probability. Let me know what you think.

  6. I tried the system this morning and won 9 units. I did some changes playing when the 2nd shoe of a column is a tie I don't bet and wait for the next column. Also, I did a D’Alembert betting system. Looking forward on your next videos with this system. Stay safe.

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