Use This Simple Strategy vs a Poker MANIAC

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Do you have trouble playing against the maniacs at the poker table? If so this video is for you. You will learn exactly how to stack a poker maniac.

Use this strategy next time you are in a hand against a maniac at the poker table! What strategies do you use against poker maniacs?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Use This Simple Strategy vs a Poker MANIAC

10 thoughts on “Use This Simple Strategy vs a Poker MANIAC

  1. How do you play versus a maniac at the poker table? Also, check out my other new video with the simple strategy that skyrocketed my results:

  2. Always!!! I do raise x3 or x4 and fish will shove with KQ, AK AQ or mid pairs! nothing i can do but call. Flip with AA is always a badbeat for me! i can win 2 out of 10

  3. Pretty clear and standard. But how would you play the hand in this spot with a (Nut)flushdraw an one or two overcards? For example with AKs, AQs, A5s and so on? That would be a much more difficult situation with the guy on the small blind still in the pot. Would you raise the pot (if so, to how much?), would you call and hope to improve on the turn, or would you even consider to fold to that pot sized bet? I think atm I would call in this specific example to see, what the small blind would be doing and to see the turn. What do you (or others) think about this scenario?

  4. you say the 7 is good for us, or the 2 pairing. Though when fish donk in these spots they seem to have alot of 7s in there range. they donk alot of janky pairs hoping to get the fold so you dont outdraw them. I still always call down in this spot, but i certainly wouldnt think the 7 is any way good for us. They love a merged type bet on the flop, just happy to take the pot down. if theres a flush draw available and they have a pair, they love the overbet Jam. I love fish! as long as you handle the bad beats you just print money against them, lol.

  5. Hey. Could you show us how you analyze your hand history a show some of your mistakes you found?

  6. So you think the maniac would fold anything reasonable on the flop after making a pot sized bet? I don't think so. Why to risk letting the draws to get there and not raising? If the SB 3-bets the flop we have an easy fold.

  7. How to play vs a maniac with pocket Aces? Bro, what about the medium hands, suited conectors, medium pockets!!! AA!!! Are you joking???

  8. Everyone calls 3X BB raises in live recreation games now. I can make it 6 or 7X BB and still get 4 or more callers quite commonly. In live 1/2 games you better make it a lot more than 3X if you want to narrow the field.

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