5 thoughts on “BeatTheCasino.com – All About Strategic Baccarat

  1. The last 3 times at the casino I'm 35 and 8 playing the players at the table. For the first 10 hands at the table I log the win/lose of the people playing at the table then I find out who winning and who losing. Now I start playing the players strengths and the thing I look for.
    1.when the winning player and the losing player bet opposite I bet with the winner, if they bet the same I stay out.
    2. I look at each player betting pattern say spot 3 pattern I noticed his losses together so when he would louse the next hand I would bet opposite of him.
    3. Spot 5 has won his 4,8,and 12 hand so on the 16 hand I would wait for him to bet and bet with him.
    These were just a few thing I looked for but it work very well.

  2. Tremendous tool for practicing. Shoes from multiple casinos, with a great feature that you can play one hand at a time. Just like in a real casino, that will test your skills and help you to improve them.

  3. You can't beat the casino – if you could how did they build Vegas & Atlantic City! They were built on loser's. Cards, dice and roulette balls have no memory. The house mathematical edge cannot be beaten by betting systems or betting patterns. Save your money. You wanna win then OWN A CASINO!!

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