BEST 540 CLONE? | Ariana Grande Cloud VS. MFK Baccarat Rouge 540

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Here’s my Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 review:

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BEST 540 CLONE? | Ariana Grande Cloud VS. MFK Baccarat Rouge 540

10 thoughts on “BEST 540 CLONE? | Ariana Grande Cloud VS. MFK Baccarat Rouge 540

  1. Bought this for my nieces 12th birthday (it was one of the things on her Christmas list but her birthday was today).

    After opening it she sprayed some on her hand and said "smells like cotton candy" (what a lot of people say BR540 smells like).

    I sprayed some on my hand, smelled the opening and thought nothing of it. Just a mild, fresh, cotton candy like sweetness.

    On my way home (couple hours later) I smelled my hand again in the car and instantly thought of BR540.

    Googled BR540 vs. Arianna Grande Cloud and saw your video and a lot of people on Fragrantica in agreement.

  2. Nope smells nothing like BR540 smells like a sand beach candle wax..poor quality and annoyingly sweet!

  3. This was interesting bc cloud smelled the same on me as it did u. It’s coconutty & creamy. 540 is stronger & heavier on me & almost like medicine like but good. The sucky thing is my family hates 540 on me but I like it lol

  4. I just tried these side by side and although close, Cloud is a little different than 540. The Rouge 540 has some woodsy scents that Cloud is missing. Not a dupe, but similar.

  5. I can't wait to try this! That comment about sunshine cracked me up lol 😂

  6. As I like 540, I really don’t know what’s the big hype! Very expensive and sometimes u don’t smell it. I have the smaller bottle then bought bigger one which is way over priced. I wear it at work and no one smells and I didn’t smell it so I took it back. I still own the smaller one. Lol! I’m wearing it today and I live in New York. Now I can smell it and it smells beautiful. I don’t think it works well in the winter, for me. Still like it

  7. OilPerfumery dot com & BeautyParfumeUS (Ebay) have BR540 dupes for $20 & $25 respectively but I dislike BR540 it smells like a dentist office v medicinal a little burnt cotton candy & Cloud is the cotton candy I loved minus the bandaids. The 2 dupes I mentioned are oil & also missing that latex note. I’m very pleased bcoz BR540 is $$$ & Cloud is $60USD/100ML. I wanted to love BR540 but it was too medicinal. Now the dupes are my HG lol 😂 v strange I know! My most knowledgeable person IRL at a store swears by BR540 I felt kind of funny/weird returning it I had worn it all day from the hair perfume tester & it was good then I got my own bottle & oof! 15 mins into the EDP it got dicey. I am the only person in the universe who would prefer Cloud lol 😂 I’m going to go ugly cry now! 😭

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