Poker for beginners. Poker rules

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Poker for beginners. Poker rules. GET $50 FREE:

Learn how to play online poker. This video will help you to know all basic poker rules. The best way to start play poker for beginners:
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Poker for beginners. Poker rules

10 thoughts on “Poker for beginners. Poker rules

  1. I have one question, how do you know that the pre-flop betting round is finished for the flop to begin?

  2. ✌️😇ഒന്നും മനസിലാവാത്ത ഞാൻ..

  3. if i got 20$ and bet 10$, then a guy raises with 25$ what happenss? I cant match cus i dont have money, do i loose the money that i put in and im forced to fold? that would be unfair

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