Free Baccarat Tip (Code Breaker 3) (Real Money)

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In this video I wanted to share my free tip called code breaker 3. Digital Ai baccarat is coded out with the results already determined. So every time you exit the game and then get back in the code changes. So you can use that knowledge to try and make some extra money. The safer way is to deal 3 hands get out and then when you get back in the game hope the same 3 results come. Then you exit the game and get back in again and start betting against those same results being coded 3 times in a row. The quick way is to deal 3 hands get out and back in and start betting against the same 3 hands being coded right away.


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Free Baccarat Tip (Code Breaker 3) (Real Money)

2 thoughts on “Free Baccarat Tip (Code Breaker 3) (Real Money)

  1. I almost got burned not waiting for the safer way to play. Also you may want to throw a few bucks on the tie as well to safe.

  2. Hmm interesting, sometime I have played this way using different variations like your system , like random systems they seem to work better.

    Have you seen Smart money group YT playing only the first 3 hands at the start of a shoe, if you lose all 3 bets, you go to a brand new shoe and bet another 3 hands, all bets are done on Banker only, I have tried it with both Player and Banker, had good results either way.

    interested in your Tie strategy, be in touch with you soon!

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