Testing Mike’s System

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My Simulator I got from Craig . His email is

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Testing Mike’s System

10 thoughts on “Testing Mike’s System

  1. I prefer you play same shoe. More real. Hopping around doesn't work at a real casino.

  2. That’s the same system that loser Cheetos sells for 100$, lol…and it blows, just like any trigger based system will, just a matter of time before any of them bust

  3. Mike is asking for subscribers to show world his live play, so has can boost his social numbers..lol. Maybe he will buy some followers number too like cheater baccarat. I already seen him busting his more then $1000 bankroll during live online play..haha

  4. Am an old man Big Will with your 39 cent wins could have bought a gallon of gas & a pack of Twinkies when i was young😂

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