[Trifecta Betting System] European Roulette VS Baccarat – Both Win 10% Per Hour!? – $10-$100 MAX

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Welcome to the Trifecta betting system, for European Roulette, and Baccarat, where I show you exactly how I would play at both games. I make a big mistake at 7:00 and bet only $50 twice, after $90, when I should’ve been betting $100. This means that the $100 I won on Roulette, was voided since the bets should’ve been $100 each time, and not $50. We would’ve broke even, or lost the game.

But at Baccarat, we reconfirm that it’s our #1 game for a reason!

In this video I show you how to use real strategy: Mirror Method, House Way, and Trend Betting to win 10% on your session roll every hour of game-play. This system wins 80% of the time!

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the systems being used:

*First, we do not enter the game or start playing until AFTER 5 hands, minimally have been played, usually, on Baccarat, but this time we play the shoe from Hand 1.

Mirror Method is a progressive betting pattern that goes like this: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5 etc. whether you’re winning or losing.

House Way: This is betting or placing your bets on whatever is winning or whatever hit last (do not count or ‘see’ zeros, only ‘see’ Red or Black) and that’s where your money is going.

Trend Betting: When you lose three times in a row playing House Way, then you analyze the trend and look for bets that complete it. If you try to complete the trend on the 4th chop and it doesn’t complete, continue following the chop until it does, then go House Way again. Keep your bets at the same level to recoup losses and get on a streak and win in higher amounts.

# GOAL: Make 10% on your Session Roll and call it quits for “hour”.

PS: I apologize for my mistake on this video while playing Roulette from 7:00-8:00. If I had played correctly I either would’ve broken even or lost $100 on this series, proving that Baccarat is the best.

So the #truth starts at 9:00.

This makes me money and I can’t complain, until I lose for real…


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[Trifecta Betting System] European Roulette VS Baccarat – Both Win 10% Per Hour!? – $10-$100 MAX

3 thoughts on “[Trifecta Betting System] European Roulette VS Baccarat – Both Win 10% Per Hour!? – $10-$100 MAX

  1. Yes, I know I mess up in this video at 7:00, and we really would've lost or broke even on the system playing on Roulette, I thought we won but after watching it again, those $50 bets at the end should've been $100 bets. So, the truth starts at 9:00 when we go to Baccarat, where we win by repeating what we had done on Roulette, but this time correctly!

    Baccarat will always be our #1 game for winning 10%!

  2. This looks promising as well. I will use this as well on my next Casino Adventure! I don't have the $500 bank roll, but if I scale it down to $100 and make $2 bets it works out the same and then build my bankroll from there. I can't thank you enough for sharing these strategies!!!!

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