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  1. CALL THE FLOOR! I am a HUGE DON'T BETTOR and my plate on my bike is 7OUT and the house likes ANY player that does NOT take max free odds. more than likely a regular that tips was not liking the don't pass bettor-the players HATE ME as i cheer for the 7! lol but never had my action refused…

  2. I've always been a Don't player whenever I could get a chance to play Craps, and I can't count how many times I've been disrespected by staff & other players. I'm immune to it, though. I ignore the fools & the assholes, and always concentrate on the dice & my bets.


  4. I had a boxman yell at me for slowing the game and i was the only person at the table, i was talking to the stickman.

  5. Most craps dealers/stickmen/boxmen are miserable. They don’t realize when it is a hot table and players win, players like me will tip well! I don’t play the “dark side” but have seen them pressure good shooters as well.

  6. Being a boxwoman/Floor Supervisor for almost 20 years, what you may not realize is their perspective. I wasn't there so I'm not saying your right or wrong. But for one, we have no reason to want to get rid of don't players, we get paid the same either way. We really don't care as long as their not taking shots on us, and that is a common issue with don't players, trying to cheat, come down on the don't when its not allowed, or saying their not paid right, playing with and adding money to bets, so yes, we do pay ALOT of attention to don't players. Maybe the history you are feeling is that he was someone that regularly did take shots, (trying to get paid when he wasn't supposed to or at claiming he was shorted)and maybe the dealer did short him, but after they have lied so many times and we do have our regulars that do this, they have nothing coming. We no longer believe them bcuz we have caught them in so many lies. Now all casinos have regular gang bangers of any race, its all the same…that come in, and not all some are quite decent, but some are our most major shot takers, once they have burned us once or twice with a lie or cheating attempt, they really don't have anything coming, we just don't believe them anymore….they did it to themselves by being dishonest, and we get ALOT of people doing this.Now, it does sound like he had an attitude in how he talked to him, I'm not going to defend his lousy guest service, I have gotten that firm with people before, who was about one step from being tossed out and I had had enough of him causing a scene or abusing my dealers, but it's rare, I should have to be that forceful, unless they are really trying to cause a scene. But on him holding his hand up and looking the other way….Im guessing the dice were thrown …its his job to watch those dice until their back in the center of the table regardless of whats going on….and its also his job to watch one of the dealers as they are paying…players are known to cause a disruption on the game while a guy on the other side is cheating, so I believe he was totally doing his job on that aspect. I'm only piping in because you don't know his job, its not just customer service, its watching the dice, its watching for cheating, there is a lot more to the job that what most think. If those dice are shipped out to the shooter and he is not looking, the cameras will be all over him. It's not always easy dealing with a situation in a live game when the dice keep moving…..on the other hand….his guest service sounded terrible.

  7. This is my oldest vid that I have watched thus far since finding scottie about 5 months ago… to bad it is in a different language… ..lol… no freakin idea about craps!😋 the only part I understood is how you stood up against racism!!! Love you scottie!!! I love all people that are good, no matter color, size, shape, language, religious beliefs or anything!! Just be a GOOD PERSON!! We are all one race the human race dang it!! Sounds cliche… but in the year 2019 we humans need to get our bad together!! Thankyou scottie!!!

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