3 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Learning the Power Press (Part 2) Conclusion

  1. I think I understand what this is accomplishing. You are pressing percentages. 11.11% for 5/9 and 13.89% for the 6 and 8. So, if either number gets hit you have an equal payout for that probability. If you only press the number you hit, and you only hit it once, the press up is wasted when the other number for that probability hits. There is an equal probability of each numbered pair hitting, so instead of 11.11% on $20 (5 or 9), you have 22.22% on $15 (5 and 9). etc…

  2. BTW excellent explanation on knowing what you should get paid. Obviously I'm commenting as I watch. lol

  3. Thanks David Jones
    Appreciate your comment. It’s really important to know what’s your next press & even more important to know what you should get paid. Thanks watching my channel and don’t forget to subscribe so you will get updates. Thanks Again 👍

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