Winning Casino Baccarat Chad 1

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Winning at Casino Baccarat
Hit and Run Chad’s New Idea Try Out
How I win at Baccarat
Test it out see what you think.

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Winning Casino Baccarat Chad 1

10 thoughts on “Winning Casino Baccarat Chad 1

  1. I'm assuming whatever rationale you use to select your pattern of six decisions, it doesn't matter whether you bet "for" or "against" your pattern, either way the shoe is forced to do the same gymnastics to beat you, correct?

  2. Here’s another analogy to prove my point on the odds of 2 patterns coinciding. Take a pair of dice and put 1 die aside with 6 showing on top. That die is stationary and not random. Roll the other die until it shows a six. That die will show random numbers as it is rolled. So, one die is random and one die is not. On average, you will roll a 6 1 time in 6 rolls. Now roll both die at the same time. Bothe dies are now random. On average, you will roll a pair of sixes once every 36 rolls. The same holds true for patterns. Betting against random patterns is the way to go if you want win.

  3. Hi. I hope all is well? I have a request if i may? Would you please do a video with your simulator on the PATTERN ( PBPPBB )?
    Im just curious how it will go and will it be favorable in several situations.
    Always enjoy your videos and thank you.

  4. Would you please tell us what simulator you use? And where to download? thank you very much!

  5. Hi there, FYI, have been trudging your system out for several hours over several days and never lost, thought I'd go live, after 5 wins I ended up losing six in a row, thought I'd stick to it as odds were in my favor not to happen again quickly, I was correct in saying that as made my money back plus extra.

    Must say, great system.

    Did you know how I can get a copy of the simulator?

  6. For BBP. What you think about this.
    Wait for PPB than bet BBP. use +1/-1 for next match & so on. Go for 4-5 units a shoe

  7. Mr. Wilson, Will you Tell the Players ? WHY, there is a Maximum BET LIMIT ON ALL Gambling Tables ??? Any REPLIES ?

  8. Mr. Wilson, Do you think, you may have have a ZOOM meeting someday? Might be a GOOD thing to do. Any REPLIES ?

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