Are BLACKJACK SIDE BETS worth it? [Big Win vs bad odds]

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In this video I will answer the question if Blackjack Side Bets are worth it.
Side Bets are offered in some casinos beside (that’s why they got their name) the main bet. You can place an extra bet on side bets like 21+3. Most side bets are defined by poker hands. If you hit a poker hand with your two cards and the dealer up card you get paid a bonus. But the payout is way lower than the odds for hitting such poker combination like pair, street, flush or tripple. That’s why side bets in blackjack are not worth it and make only the casino richter.
Sure! Maybe you win from time to time. And maybe your neighbour’s wife’s best friend’s sister once hit a HUUUUUGE side bet (like I also did in Malta 2017 with tripple Diamond Seven) but this is like winning the lottery or hitting the jackpot. It happens but it’s statistically not wise to do side bets.

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1. Master the rules
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Blackjack is the only casino game where you can win something in the long run.
The casino’s house advantage is only about 0.5% if you follow the recommendations of the optimal Blackjack strategy table.
That’s five times better odds than roulette! Play no more slots – learn Blackjack!

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Are BLACKJACK SIDE BETS worth it? [Big Win vs bad odds]