Betting $750,000 on BLACKJACK in 20 minutes

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Today, we have a HUGE session on Blackjack, $750,000 spent in 20 minutes… Hope you enjoy the video!


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Betting $750,000 on BLACKJACK in 20 minutes

7 thoughts on “Betting $750,000 on BLACKJACK in 20 minutes

  1. same stuff happens for me with BJ on evolution, always against 10 or A's sometimes a low card

  2. Hey foss. Great video. I’d just like to say with the rules you’re playing. 11 against a 10 is not a double. It’s only a double with American rules when the dealer checks for an Ace with their 10. (I.e. you know they can’t have black jack). Check “English” blackjack basic strategy for confirmation

  3. Love these vids but 100% it’s rigged like I can’t count how many times it’s played exactly how ya said it ! Sometimes ya win but generally ya loose I love the game but honestly I’ve been caught out so many times !!

  4. Realidade aumentada. Roubo….roubo. Não jogue seu dinheiro fora…..Minha opinião.

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