New Casino Means New Games! 80-Coin Bets on Video Poker!

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Matt travels to the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek to play on the channel for the first time! He plays a new (to him) video poker game called “Moving Multiplier Video Poker.” This 10-play video poker game requires an 80-coin bet to activate the multiplier.

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New Casino Means New Games! 80-Coin Bets on Video Poker!

7 thoughts on “New Casino Means New Games! 80-Coin Bets on Video Poker!

  1. Come on, Matt. Complaining about anything over 97% is living in the 80s. What are you gonna do… go play slots and lose your money in half the time? No. I was even playing 6/5 JoB bar top on Tue night and sat there for almost 45 minutes from a $5 bill, quarter denom. And that's what… 95 % ? Sure, I'm likely not leaving with anything unless I hit a royal, but I sure earned a ton of players points. 😉

  2. Thanks for showing this. Don’t think I’ll play it unless someone leaves a multiplier. I don’t even like the 7 coin play of Double Super Times Pay so can’t imagine I’ll play this.

  3. at least ult x isn’t random. Random games are just not worth playing. thanks for the try.

  4. saying you want to leave $100 ahead but don't because you have a 12x active is dumb. Either you want to leave with your profit or not.

  5. Matt, if I told you you can get 30% return on your money in less than 7 minutes, you'd say no way!! You did and didn't walk away. Im realizing that percentage of profit occurs a lot with machines. We all rarely accept that return and continue only to crash and burn. Thanks for playing and showing how these machines really work. It's a real education without us spending our own money.

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