BIG BACCARAT WIN!!! | Live Baccarat Casino Play

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BIG BACCARAT WIN!!! | Live Baccarat Casino Play

Today, one of out YouTube fans came out to be a part of the channel!! Thank you so much to Bob for joining us!

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BIG BACCARAT WIN!!!  | Live Baccarat Casino Play

10 thoughts on “BIG BACCARAT WIN!!! | Live Baccarat Casino Play

  1. Thanks for watching! Special thanks to Bob for stopping by and being our special guest. We have been so busy getting ready for CQ opening on Black Friday. Teaching, setting up CQ and recording has been very daunting so I apologize for some of the mistakes while dealing recently. No worries though because we can't wait for you all to hang out with us at CQ soon! — Alex

  2. This guy has no clue how to play…… SMH. How does he not see the pattern? 2 banker 1 player, 2 player 1 banker….. easy money if you play that system. get out as quick as you can…..

  3. The conversation about craps around 17 minutes is so true as I was very intimidated by craps until I learned how to play. Now it is my favorite over everything and I wait everyday to see another craps video. However, watching all the CEG videos on Baccarat has made me really want to try it because watching Alex deal helps you see how live pace could be and now I know I'm gonna degen it up next time I go to my "local," 4 hours away, casino and be as out of place as Bob.

  4. It's funny how u told Bob that he was out of place at a baccarat table cause hes white, how do u think I feel when I'm there cause I'm Mexican lol

  5. I deal for a casino in California where baccarat doesn't have a commission. I was wondering, what happens if a player can't pay his commission at the end of their session?

  6. What program is used to edit? I also want to add extra camera to my videos to add extra camera views. Thanks and cool video again.

  7. I remember one year I wanted to recover my 3k loss that I tried pulling cash out of my Heath savings account. It didnt pass on atm and I managed to recover half of the losses with my remaining bank roll.

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