Building my Bankroll || Online Roulette SESSION 3 || Online Roulette Strategy to Win

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Building my Bankroll || Online Roulette SESSION 3 || Online Roulette Strategy to Win

10 thoughts on “Building my Bankroll || Online Roulette SESSION 3 || Online Roulette Strategy to Win

  1. Well, lost everything in 3 days. The universe won't let me make even 1 dollar. I do extremely well in demo mode but as soon as I play real money they take it all. Don't know what to do right now.

  2. Thanks boss for the inspiration. I have been making profit all week since I started following you

  3. il 30 alla fine non lo hai puntato ..???? eppure esce il pagamento–??? come mai??? πŸ˜•

  4. Just wondering if having a chart of the sector numbers helps out with roulette sessions and asking if you had created one or can you create one?

  5. Hi Tom, are the stats you are using (like e.g) red and black percentages, or any kind of percentage based on the last 500 numbers or the last 60 to 90?

  6. Hello sir, you have posted a wheel chart with the different colors is it sector each number example 4,22,31&13 n so on please reply πŸ™

  7. Hi Tom. Please tell us what strategy you have on the cover of the video: a wheel with colored sectors and numbers?

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