How to MASTER GTO+ in 20 Minutes

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I teach you the simple steps it takes to master GTO+ in under 20 minutes. I cover all of the basic steps, like assigning ranges, tree building, and briefly cover how to interpret the results.

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How to MASTER GTO+ in 20 Minutes

10 thoughts on “How to MASTER GTO+ in 20 Minutes

  1. How much ram would you recommend for GTO+ (for MTT analysis)? Without simplifying trees. Currently have R7 3700X and 2x8GB. Would 4x8GB be enough?

  2. Newbie question… I wanted to see how the solver would play a particular hand I had played in a session earlier, A9dd on BU vs CO open… I assigned CO the Upswing RFI CO range, but only gave the BU A9s bc I wanted to see my specific hand. I had a flop of Kd8d4s, CO bet 66%… the solve came back telling me to fold 90%, only calling Ad9d 10%. Obviously I did something wrong, when I reran it using the entire BU calling range I got much different results, calling the bet 100% as I would expect. Why are the results so different? What am I nit understanding about solvers here? Why can’t it play an exact hand “correctly”, but when I enter a range it does?

  3. Is there a way to input preflop aggression or is this factor irrelevant in terms of equilibrium? A spot that I have been wanting to study is playing OOP as the preflop raiser when I'm not in the blinds (ex. I raise from UTG and button calls.). In the situation I just mentioned the button's range is going to be capped if they are just flatting, but other than the way a player's range is affected by the preflop action is there any way to factor this into the sim?

  4. THIS IS FULL OF BULLbad. Poker training site should teach players how to strengthen their fundamentals first. not just showing charts. you cant remember all those charts in game.. this is just full of bad

  5. Hi. I have two questions. What processor did you make the calculations on? Will the 8-core processor allow for comfortable work with a low calculation time?

  6. Is there a way to import ranges? I’m finding the cumbersome part is getting all of the different pf ranges into gto+

  7. Great video, thanks. I would like to know if there's a way to set up action frequency of one particular hand? Let's say if we met a 3bet IP, I would like to use A5s 20 percent shove, 60 percent call and 20 percent fold.
    I know I can set weight on the range editor, but it cannot represent the weight meaning(call/fold/raise) and it only can set one weight.

  8. So if you 111 flops already solved then you can quickly while you're playing a hand in real life open up a flop that looks like the one on the board that you've already solved and put in your two cards and give your opponent a range and it would have already figured out the best tree? It wouldn't take 60 seconds or whatever to solve it because you already solved it before? So you could use a solver in real time? I know it's against pokerstars rules but you could be playing pokerstars on a laptop on VPN and have your powerful computer on VPN doing the solver

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